William Cole (1745) & Nellie Freeman
William Cole & Martitia Crawford
Oscar Cole & Paulina Bennett
Speed Cole & Americus Snodgrass
Stanley Clarence Cole & Elizabeth Clutts
Carl Elwood Cole & Ina McKee
Fredric Alan Cole & Marcella Faye Patterson
Alan Ray Cole
William Cole Sr was born in 1745 and died in 1815.  William married Nellie Freeman in 1770.  He lived in Frederick County Virginia.  He
served six years as a private in the revolutionary war. He served in
Captain Brady's Company of the Eleventh Virginia Regiment,
commanded by Colonel Daniel Morgan; Captain George Rice's
Company, Elleventh and Fifteenth Virginia Regiment, commanded
by John Cropper; Captain Slaughter's Company, Seventh Virginia
Regiment, commanded by Colonel Daniel Morgan.  Nellie Freeman
was born in 1748/9 in Wales, and died in 1830.  She was buried in
South Charleston, Ohio.

William Cole Jr. was born on March 12, 1777 (or March 3, 1777 in
Maryland) in Virginia and died on September 20, 1845 (or 1843).
  He married Martitia Crawford  on September 24, 1803 in Paris,
Kentucky.  Martitia Crawford was born in the fall of 1781 (or July
1, 1785 in Botetourt County, Virginia) in Virginia and died on May
9, 1875. Her first marriage was to Henry Evans. (The stats in
parenthesies are from the book, "Brothers Crawford.")
  William's siblings include Matthew, born in 1770 and Elizabeth
born in 1774.  Elizabeth was born on February 25, 1774 at
Frederick County, Virginia. She married William Marshall
December 29, 1792.

Oscar Cole, in the book, "Brothers Crawford", was called Osten C
(Orsen). (We know Oscar and Osten are one-in-the-same because
everything else about him; his parents, his siblings, and his children
matched with the information in the book) He was born August 5,
1805 in Kentucky. He married Paulina Bennett September 21, 1831.  She was born about 1815 and died in 1860.  His siblings include
Sylvester, James, John, Polly, William, Oliver, Sally, William, Barter, John, Jesse, and children of Martitia & Henry Evans including John
Evans and Emily Evans.  Sylvester Cole was born March 31, 1808
and died July 27, 1825. James Cole was born March 10, 1810 in
Bourbon County, KY and died October 1, 1864 He married  Louvicy
Tipton. John/Jehu Cole was born November 5, 1811 in Estill
County, Kentucky. Polly Cole born October 22, 1813. William P
Cole was born May 06, 1816 and died February 12, 1817. Oliver
Cromwell Cole was born March 24, 1818 in Kentucky and died
Septemer 1, 1847. Sally M Cole was born May 29, 1820/1. William
Cole was born September 7, 1822. Barter/Barton W Cole was born
February 19, 1825 in Kentucky. John Cole was born January 10,
1826/7 in Estill Co, Kentucky and died Febrary 19, 1889 in Lee
County, Kentucky. Jesse H Cole was born January 21, 1829 in
Speed C Cole was born January 15, 1838.  Speed married Americus
Snodgrass and lived in Lee County, Kentucky.  For a time, they
apparently both lived in Owsley County, Kentucky  where they met.
  Speed's siblings include William J, John C, Marticia, Thomas J, and
Osten C Jr.  William J Cole was born October 1, 1832. John C Cole
was born June 27, 1836. Marticia Cole was born April 1, 1840.
Thomas J Cole was born August 20, 1844 in Kentucky and married
Rhoda Pillips in 1869. Osten C Cole Jr was born December 26,

Stanley was born on July 5, 1885 and died on May 12, 1964.  He
married Elizabeth Francis Clutts on May 7, 1910.  Elizabeth Francis Clutts was born in 1889.  They are buried in Proctor.  He
owned coal mines.  Stanley's siblings include Felix, born ca 1872 and married to Annie Roach; Speed, born ca 1872 and married to Nettie
Brandenburg; Kansas, married to Joe Evans; Mattie, born  in 1888
and to married Carl Howell; William; Palalto, married to Robert
Daugherty; and Mattie, married to Harvey Alder.

Carl Elwood Cole (1911) & Ina McKee (1911), married 1931

Kenneth (1913)
Earl (1917) & Elsie
Imogene (1919) & George Burke Combs
Madeline 'Madge' (1921) & Bruce Brandenburg
Clarence (1922) & Wanda
Raymond (1924) & Agnes Ritzi

Carl Elwood was born January 21, 1911 and died on April 4 1966 of liver complications.  He worked at Wright Engine and later Ford Motor and as a young man worked as a coal miner. He was voted "All-Time Second Baseman of Lee County."

Ina McKee was born March 19, 1911 in Ware, Kentucky. She grew up in Elmwood from age five. She did a perfect Porky Pig imitation. She died August, 1975 of heart disease.  Carl and Ina rest at Rest Haven Cemetery in Blue Ash, Ohio. They married on January 11, 1931. 

Kenneth Robert Cole was born on February, 23 1913 and died on November 1, 1923. He was accidently shot by his brother, Earl, while playing with a gun. Kenneth died. Their mother was visiting her sister in Hazard, Kentucky at the time and pregnant with Clarence. She heard the news on the train coming back home.

Earl Truman Cole was born on March 20, 1917 and died on September 13, 1963. He married Elsie and has a son named Micheal Cole. His second wife was Margaret Bosse.

Imogene Cole was born on July 24, 1919 and died on August 14, 1982. She married George Burke Combs on October 15, 1938. Their children are Linda Kay, Carol Ann, Beverly Jane, Jetta Sue, George Burke Jr, and Mark Kevin.

Madeline 'Madge' Cole was born on May 29, 1921 and died on February 3, 1990. She married Bruce Bradenburg on February 2, 1940. They owned a clothing store. A daughter, Judy Brandenburg, was born on November 10, 1940.  Special thanks to Judy Brandenburg Owens for supplying Cole Family info.  Madge later married Hugh Hamilton on December 9, 1983.

Clarence Cole was born on December 21, 1922 and died on October 5, 1956. He married Wanda. They had one daughter, Patsy

Raymond Clutts Cole was born on May 19, 1924 and died on February 12 1989. He married Agnes Ritzi on December 8, 1950. Their children were Raymond Michael, David Clarence, Diane Marie, and Glen Anthony.

Most were born in Beattyville, Kentucky.
My hard copy of these dates was bad . Let me know if any need to be corrected.
Much of the  information on Oscar/Osten Cole, his siblings, and his children was graciously passed to me by Marcia Keith, with the much appreciated help of  Lynda Cole. Lynda Cole, who recognized the family connection when she visited my web site, put me in contact with Marcia Keith. Marcia Keith is a decendent of William Jr and Martitia. Lynda Cole is a decendent of Matthew Cole, brother of William Cole Jr.

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